Friday, November 9, 2012

GPS is a Satellite based location positioning system that provides location and time information almost anywhere on or near the Earth . GPS has provided critical capabilities to defense, aviation, civil , commercial and many more industries , providing them tremendous improvement in efficiency of their operations .

This article will make us aware of GPS core technology and its efficient use .

Working of GPS System

A fully functional and efficient GPS System involves and is dependent on multiple factors such as GPS Receivers  , Satellites , Data Carrier (GPRS) , Data Processing Server , End User

The above image illustrates the basic working of a GPS system
GPS system is used to track the movement of something like a vehicle or even human beings but in actual we are tracking the movement of GPS Device which is fitted / carried by the vehicle or humans .

 Each GPS device has an inbuilt GPS receiver which is connected with GPS Satellite through which device gets the GPS coordinates of the location .

The device also have a GSM module through which device can communicates over GPRS , this GPRS is the communication medium by means of which device sends the data to the Data servers  for storage and further processing of Data. 

These servers also runs a GPS tracking Application through which we can track the actual movement of the devices over map and in reports.


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